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Lash Extensions & Other Lash Services


What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

When eyelash extensions first became available, there was only one option: classic lashes, in which a single lash extension is applied to a single natural lash. The problem with this technique was that clients wanted a fuller look than we could safely provide.  It was the Russians who first developed the concept of "volume" lash extensions, whereby the artist would create a "fan" by hand and apply that fan to a single natural lash. This runway-model look was meant to be temporary, because extensions thin enough to create the fan safely were not yet invented. Soon enough, however, lash extensions of thinner and thinner diameters were invented, beginning with lash extensions that were 1/10 of a millimeter (.10mm) in diameter. Next came what was the gold standard for a while: extensions that were 0.7/10 of a millimeter (.07mm) in diameter. We could make a fan consisting of up to 6 of these lashes (such a fan is called "6D"). But we found that clients with very thin and short natural lashes could barely hold one of these .07 lashes, let alone a fan of 6 of them! So, technology produced extensions of 0.5/10 of a millimeter (.05mm) in diameter; we could make fans of anywhere from 1 to 10 of these delicate babies. Finally, most recently, we have extensions of 0.3/10 of a millimeter (.03mm) in diameter. These are very thin, and we can create fans of anywhere from 1-15 of these! There are numerous other options available to us now, as well, including extensions that allow us to easily create a fan of multiple lengths, yielding a more textured look. The bottom line is that now just about anyone can safely have fuller, thicker lashes. I make it a point of pride that I can lash almost anyone, even clients who believe they might have no natural lashes to speak of. 

One more thing: there is a difference between ordinary "volume" and "Russian volume" eyelash extensions. Russian volume is all about fullness, and the only way to achieve true fullness is by keeping the extensions short - no more than 2 millimeters longer than your natural lash. While I can find creative ways to give you some length, my specialty is Russian volume. As I tell my clients, you need to decide what your primary goal is: fullness or length. Think of your lashes in terms of bushes (full) versus trees (long).  No lashing technique that tries to achieve both length and fullness is safe, except in very rare cases, where the client has exceptionally long and sturdy natural lashes, or if combining different-length fans in a "textured" style. Safety and preservation of the health of your natural lashes will always be my guiding principle in choosing your lash design.

As for curl, I create a design (or "lash map") customized to your facial morphology, orbital features, and your natural lashes. I may use 3 or 4 different curls and 8 different lengths to achieve the best look for you.

See the photos directly below to get an idea of the range of work I do on varying types of natural lashes....

What Is a Lash Lift & Tint?

The Lash Lift & Tint procedure has gone through multiple incarnations. Originally, the procedure was referred to as a "lash perm," and natural lashes were glued up over a cylindrical cotton roll and perming products applied. The result was a curled, but not necessarily "lifted" lash. As technology improved, the "lash lift" procedure was born. Using Elleebana products, I use a water-soluble keratin-infused adhesive to glue your natural lashes up and over a silicone shield that, while curved, gives more of a "lift," as well as a curl to your lashes. This lifts them at the base and, hence, not only curls them up, but gives the effect of making them appear longer. Two products are applied: First a lifting solution (basically a perming solution) that opens the outer layer of each lash and allows the protein strands within to be manipulated into a new shape (just like when your hair is permed or chemically straightened). Then a fixative is applied to "fix" the lashes into their new shape. I remove the shield and tint separately, including lower lashes at no additional cost. Clients who opt for the Lash Lift & Tint service may return every 6-8 weeks to have it repeated (otherwise, it's just not safe for the fragile eyelash hairs). I always recommend that clients consider purchasing one of my lash growth serums (guaranteed, or your money back!), a heated eyelash curler (manual ones are very bad for your lashes), and, when available, one of my lash primer + serum-containing mascara combo products. I lift & tint my own lashes and use all of these products. Personally, I love the result! I use Belmacil tints. Note: I also offer a Total Eye Makeover, which includes a lash lift & tint + brow tint and shape; as well as a Henna Total Eye Makeover, which includes the lash lift & tint + henna brow shape & dye. Or, you may choose to add Brow Lamination with tint or Elleebana henna to your lash lift & tint. Find out more about these brow services in the Brow Services section.

What Are Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

The Importance of Artist Training - AKA: You Get What You Pay For

Lash Lift & Tint Procedure

Lash Services Q & A


Q.   Do lash extensions hurt?

No. If the artist is qualified and experienced, you should feel virtually nothing during the application process and even less once you're wearing them! The volume fans I create are fluffy & airy and weightless on your own lashline. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Q.  Do lash extensions or lash lift & tint procedures harm the natural lash?

  • The key to safe eyelash extension application or lash lift & tint procedures is a trained, licensed, and certified artist. The artist should be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist who has been trained and licensed by the state in:

    • disease and infection control, so as to understand the importance of sanitation and disinfection using  EPA- & FDA-approved chemicals and best practices with respect to the materials used in lash extension and lift & tint artistry

    • anatomy, so as to understand the relationship between the dermal layers (skin) and the hair follicles (eyelashes)

    • hair services, so that they understand the nature of the lash hair and how the chemicals will affect it

  • The artist should be trained and certified in lash extension artistry by a major lash certification company, not "a friend," "the internet," or anyone not certified as a lash instructor; the same is true for lash lift & tint artists

  • The most important elements in safe eyelash application are:

    • Careful isolation of the individual lash about to receive the extension

    • Application of the extension no closer than 2mm to the eyelid

    • Use of medical-grade (safe for human skin) cyanoacrylate-based adhesive

    • Use of lash extensions that are the proper weight and length for the individual's natural lashes

These elements together allow the natural lashes to grow individually and go through their natural growth-and-shedding cycle; otherwise, clumping and fall-out are likely to occur

  • Lash Lift & Tint artists need to understand exactly how to place the lashes over the shield and how & where to apply the chemicals; otherwise, the result is ineffective and even dangerous​

    • Lash lift procedures should not be done earlier than every 6-8 weeks (I prefer 8), but tinting can be done more frequently​

  • For your lash extension protection:​

    • ​Ask to see proper licensing as an esthetician or cosmetologist (from the State Board of Health)

    • Ask to see specialty certification in lash extension artistry, including subspecialties like Russian Volume

    • Check out the artist's photo portfolio

    • Ask how long a full set takes and how much it costs (1.5 hrs & $200 minimum - anything less will not be of high quality, with the potential of damaging your own lashes)

    • Check client reviews & artist responses

Q.   Who is a candidate for volume lash extensions or lash lift & tint?

 Most people are candidates:

  • Men, as well as women, over 18 years of age (parental permission required otherwise)

  • Contact lens wearers (yes, you can keep your lenses in during the procedure, as research has shown that contacts help protect the eye)

  • Anyone wanting to improve or enhance the look & shape of certain facial features 

  • People with short, thin, straight, light lashes - as well as people with long, full, curly, dark lashes

  • People with heavy upper or single-fold eyelids who'd like a lifting effect that camouflages an undesirable lid

  • Individuals who have lost their eyelashes hair through chemotherapy or any other process and want to rehabilitate their lash line (doctor's permission required if you're currently undergoing chemotherapy)

  • Clients with prior eyelash extensions, including those whose natural lashes have been ruined by previous poor work

  • Anyone wanting to save time by not having to apply makeup!

Q.   Who isn't a candidate for volume lash extensions?

If you have any eyelashes, no matter how short, thin, and light, I can lash you; however, the following may need a lash rehab program:

  • Clients with certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune or thyroid disorders that may affect the lashline

  • Clients with heavy eyelid folds that may have caused the lash line to be obscured so as not to receive adequate oxygen & cleaning

  • People with trichotillomania can try lash extensions to see if their presence helps, but it might not; I'm still happy to work with you!

  • Clients who have had a previous allergic reaction to eyelash adhesive will probably still have the allergy ("once allergic, always allergic"), but I am more than willing to work with you to find ways around the allergy

  • Anyone with lash mites (Demodex mite), which causes eyelid irritation (Demodex folliculitis) and can interfere with the lash extension bond will need to work on a treatment course I will prescribe

  • Anyone not willing to maintain their extensions by following cleaning & care instructions is probably not a good candidate

  • Individuals who often have professional makeup applied, as such makeup is not compatible with eyelash extension hygiene; the lash lift & tint service is better for these clients

  • Clients wanting lash extensions for a special event or vacation need to schedule a full set plus at least two fills

    • I ​want to make sure that you are close by should you have any adverse reactions

    • For special events clients often want an extra glamorous lash set, which is best accomplished over several visits


Q.   How do I prepare for & take care of my new lash extensions or lash lift & tint?

  • To prepare:

    • Print, read & fill out the Intake & Aftercare Forms in the Policies & Forms (see menu bar) 

    • Please refrain from face creams, moisturizers, sunscreen, oils, etc., from your cheekbones up for 24 hours

    • Please arrive after you've showered & washed your hair and plan on not working out, tanning, or showering for 24 hours; these measures are intended to eliminate sweat & dirt and to avoid opening of pores so that sweat glands are activated

    • Please refrain from eye & face makeup at the time of your appointment; makeup from the cheek bone down is fine. You will be charged extra if I have to remove your makeup for you.

    • Lash extension clients, plan for 2-week 90-minute fill sessions

    • ​Lash extension clients, avoid caffeine and other liquids the morning of your appointment to avoid bathroom breaks. A few sips of water for medication is fine. I have mints available to help with your comfort.

      • During lashing, you will relax comfortably on my lashing bed, where you can enjoy a "lash nap" for free (snoring encouraged :-)

      • Tell family & friends that you will be unreachable for up to 4+ hours (includes consultation, care instructions, check-out)

  • How to Care for Your Lash Extensions or Lash Lift & Tint

    • Extensions: Do not get your lashes wet for 4 hours after your service

      • Although I "cure" the adhesive continuously as I work, research has revealed that it takes up to 72 hours for the adhesive to cure completely; thus water could feasibly sneak in between the extension & your natural lash to create an "air pocket" and weaken the bond

      • It's always best to arrive freshly showered, with no plans to exercise & sweat for 24 hours (sweat contains oils that can weaken the bond)

    • Lash Lift & Tint: Don't get your lashes wet for 24 hours so as not to disrupt the final setting ​

    • I will teach you the proper maintenance of your lashes during your initial consult & education session, using items I sell; the main products you should plan on purchasing are:​

      • Extensions: $30 for a specialized cleanser for lashes & brows, which is not only concentrated (will last a long time) but removes eye and face makeup efficiently and protects against lash mites & bacteria; free application brush is included. You may also want to purchase the Grande MD eyelash serum ($65)

      • Extensions & Lash Lift: Grande MD eyelash ($65) and/or eyebrow ($80) serums, if recommended at your first visit

    • Lash Extensions: Makeup & Other Products
      • Use:

        • ​a clean fan brush (provided free) to very gently brush away any eyeshadow that may have fallen on your lashes during makeup application
        • a clean spoolie (provided free) to brush your lashes up and fans open no more than once a day

      • Avoid:

        • mascara on lower lashes, especially waterproof mascara

        • pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner;  wet powder applied with an angle brush is best

        • creamy eyeshadow or creamy eyeshadow primer

      • Do not:

        • use eye creams and lotions near the eye area

        • put your eyes/lashes directly in the line of the shower spray

        • wear mascara on your lash extensions (okay on lifted & tinted lashes)

        • use a manual eyelash curler (extension clients won't need one, and lash lift clients may use a heated curler)

        • apply hair sheen or sprays without instruction from your artist

        • spray tan without instruction from your artist

Q.   How long do lash extensions and lash lift & tint services last?

It's a common misperception that lash extensions are a one-time deal and last for months or that the lash lift & tint is permanent. This is not true.

  • The three most important elements affecting extension loss and lash lift & tint retention are:

    • your natural oil production

    • your adherence to care & maintenance instructions

    • the life cycle of your natural lashes

    • seasonal "shedding" of your natural lashes

  • Remember, your lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes using a strong medical-grade adhesive that is acrylic based, whose bond is susceptible to oil

    • your lashes must be squeaky clean when you come for lashing sessions and​

    • you must keep them clean both to maintain the bond and avoid infection

  • Every extension and your lash lift & tint is affected by the normal growth cycle of your natural lashes (see diagram)

    • this is a 3-month cycle - but each of your natural lashes ​is on a different rhythm; they don't all go through these stages at once:
    1. Anagen: active growth phase from a tiny filament below the skin to eruption above the skin, first as a "baby lash"
    2. Catagen: transition stage in which the lash is maturing from "toddler" to "adult"
    3. Telogen: "resting stage," similar to "middle-to-old age" in humans; the natural lash is weak at the base and will soon fall out
    4. Exogen: "death" - the dead lash (disconnected from its blood source) is pushed out by a new lash in the anagen stage​
  • Lash lift & tint clients experience the same cycle, which is why I recommend waiting 6-8 weeks before repeating the service

  • Over the course of 2 weeks

    • the natural lash to which the extension is attached grows, often leaving a gap of 5mm or more; the lash artist needs to remove the grown-out lash extension and replace it with a new one; otherwise, a potentially damaging "leveraging effect" can occur, with the extension pulling the natural lash down

    • because we all lose 5-7 natural lashes per day, that amounts to a loss of 75-90 lashes over the course of two weeks!

      • eventually, the natural lash will fall out, and the extension will fall out with it; the lash artist will need to place a new extension on a nearby natural lash

      • the lash extensions will last only until the natural lashes to which they are applied fall out naturally

  • By the end of 6-8 weeks, lashes that have been lifted & tinted will lose their lift and their tint (meanwhile, baby lashes that weren't able to be treated will have grown out straight and light, while mature lashes will have fallen out)

  • Lash extension fills every 2-3 weeks allow the artist to place new extensions as needed

    • During fill sessions

      • ​I make sure that your original lash design has not been disturbed

      • I assess the health of your lash line and the condition of your lashes

      • I lash newly grown lashes and remove weak ones in the final stages of life

Q.   Is the work guaranteed?

While I can guarantee that I am properly licensed and certified; trained and certified in multiple forms of lash artistry; and that I use sterile equipment and appropriate, safe lash diameters, lengths, and products, the work itself is not guaranteed. This is because there are so many variations in clients' natural lash health, skin, history, and aftercare. That said, I do have a "90% Rule," meaning that if you lose 90% or more of your extensions within one week, I will replace them at no charge. You are required to come in for an assessment within that week, however, so just contact me if this happens.  This does not apply to clients who lose extensions due to an allergic reaction, trichtillomania, or their own negligence. You will have an allergic reaction from my work only if you previously had an allergic reaction to someone else's work.  Due to my techniques, lash clients without a previous allergy will never develop one from my work, alone. Lash Lift & Tint clients may have issues only if they had their lashes previously lifted & tinted by another artist in a manner that caused damage; I've never had a Lash Lift &Tint client brand new to me or having waited at least 8 weeks since their last procedure have any problem. You'll love your new lashes!

Before Your Lash Service


Read through this information as well as the intake aftercare instructions in the Policies & Forms section carefully so that you know how to prepare for your service and when to schedule your appointment before or after various activities (weddings, special events, vacations, spray tanning, facials, showering, working out, etc.). 

Morning of:

  • Please do not wear any makeup from your cheekbones up to your appointment. Makeup from the cheekbones down is fine, but no makeup on your under eye or lids. Brow makeup is okay, but no makeup on your forehead. ​ This all has to do with how I clean & prep your entire eye area for a proper lash service.

  • Lash extension clients: Please, no caffeine products on the day of your appointment. This is to help you lie still comfortably for at least 2.5 hours and to prevent the need for bathroom breaks once you are fully prepped for the service. You also won't be able to leave the building to "plug the meter."

    • Limit all beverage intake the morning your service to eliminate the need for potty breaks once you are fully prepped; a few sips of water with medication is fine. I have mints available to help you feel more comfortable.

    • Some clients relax better if they take one of the following. Please consult your physician to determine which might work for you.

      • Ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol)

      • Benedryl (this will make you drowsy, so arrange a ride home)

      • Melatonin (this will make you drowsy, so arrange a ride home)

      • Diazepam, Ativan, or the like to help you relax (these can make you drowsy, so arrange a ride home)

24 Hours Prior:

  • Plan on not working out or engaging in any other activity that might make you sweat for 24 hours AFTER your service. Sweat contains oils that can loosen the adhesive bond or weaken the lash lift at any time, but especially during the first 24 hours. So, work out before your appointment.

  • Shower and wash your hair prior to your appointment because your face needs to be squeaky clean and you'll need to avoid showering for 24 hours after the appointment in order to minimize sweat during the initial curing of the adhesive and to avoid getting your lifted & tinted lashes wet

  • Please do not apply any creams or moisturizers of any kind anywhere from your cheekbones up for 24 hours prior to your appointment (NO EXCEPTIONS!): under eye, sides of eye, eyelids, brow area, or forehead.

    • It's okay to apply creams from the cheekbones down, but keep in mind that the natural and synthetic oils in face creams migrate very easily, so if you can, please avoid creams altogether for 24 hours

  • Do not spray tan before your first appointment without showering and washing your lashes and lids well before your service. Plan on not spray tanning afterward until we discuss how best to coordinate tanning, showering, working out, etc., with your lash-care regimen, which I customize for each client.

48 Hours Prior:

  • It's fine to have a facial 48 hours or more before your service, but no sooner due to the oils in facial products. I'll assist you in scheduling facials as part of your lash maintenance.

 1.5 Montha Prior:

  • This is the minimum amount of time that must pass since your last Lash Lift & Tint service

  • For clients desiring lash extensions for a special event, such as a wedding or vacation, please observe the following:

    • Because the health & hygiene of your natural lashes, lash line, and your eye itself are of utmost importance to me, I do not lash new clients who are planning to leave town within 2 weeks of the initial full set

      • I prefer that you are close by in the very rare instance that you develop a negative reaction to the procedure

      • I require at least one 2-week fill appointment so that I can carefully assess your lash line; two 2-week fills are ideal

  • For clients desiring a special look for a wedding or other special event, I ask that you schedule your first full set at least 1-1.5 months before the event

    • Special event lashes typically require a more advanced design than I can create within the time limits of our first appointment

    • I typically desire two 90-minute fill sessions to assess the design development over the growth period and to make corrections or changes in order to achieve the special look you may want

    • Remember: Anyone doing your makeup for your special event will need to understand that "dos & don'ts" of makeup application & eyelash extensions; supply them with a copy of your aftercare instructions (on the policies & forms page); otherwise, you may lose extensions and those that remain may be so trapped with eye makeup that the fluffy fans I created close up and look like "spider legs"

Less that 2 Months Prior:

  • No eye or eyelid surgery, including cataract, Lasik, and blepharoplasty procedures

    • Please consult with your physician to ensure how long you should wait after a surgical procedure before lash extensions using cyanoacrlate adhesive can safely be applied 1-2 millimeters from your lash line itself or before a Lash Lift & Tint service that contains a high-Ph developer and permanent tint

  • For clients desiring eyeliner tattoo, I cannot apply eyelash extensions or a lash lift & tint until any eyeliner tattoo has healed. Clients must wait 6 weeks after a lash lift & tint for an eyeliner tattoo. Lash extension clients will need to have their extensions removed two weeks prior to the tattoo service and then wait 6-8 weeks afterward to have them reapplied

Lash Videos

Range of Work on Different Natural Lashes

Various Types of Eyelash Extension Looks

Different Looks


  1. Please text me by SMS or WhatsApp for an initial consult at 503-706-8641.

  2. Depending on your service, we will then schedule a 20-minute complimentary Zoom consultation

  3. Next, you must fill out the confidential medical intake form (see Policies & Forms

    • Fill out the ​medical intake form for the service you are requesting

  4. The client's cell phone number is required to book

    • Please ensure​ the number provided belongs to the client and not a friend or family member, as I must communicate with the client directly. If language is an issue, please let me know; my Spanish is adequate to interact via text in that language. 

    • All client interactions are done via text, including preappointment communications and treatment follow-up

    • Clients are asked to confirm their appointment by clicking on a link provided in a text message 48 hours in advance. This text comes from a "short code" number, such as 89985.

    • Clients not confirming within 48 hours may have their appointment cancelled  and will forfeit the nonrefundable deposit.​​

  5. A credit card is required to book

  6. A nonrefundable deposit will be charged against your card upon acceptance of your appointment request; you will be charged the balance at your appointment. The deposit amount ranges from $25 to $150, depending on the service selected

  7. Please read the Before Your Service information to ensure a safe service 

  8. Print and fill out the intake form and the aftercare instructions and bring both with you to the appointment

  9. Please Note:

    • 48 hours' notice is required for cancellation or changing your appointment time. Your deposit is nonrefundable even if you cancel or change your time 48 hours or more in advance, for any reason.

    • Clients cancelling or changing their appointment time fewer than 48 hours in advance, or not showing up will be charged the full amount of the service. This is because when you book an appointment, that time slot is unavailable to other potential clients; I am holding it just for you :-)

  10. Be prepared!​

    • In order to conduct the treatment in a safe and effective manner, it's critical that you are adequately prepared for your appointment.​

      • Please print, read, and fill out the intake form and aftercare instructions (see Policies & Forms)

      • Clients who are not adequately prepared or who have not followed the instructions found in the Before Your Service forfeit their deposit and may have their appointment cancelled and may be charged the full amount of the service


    • In order to design your new look and go over necessary forms, I need the full time allotted (up to 4.5+ hours, depending on the situation) for the appointment, so it's important that you arrive on time

    • Your appointment may be cancelled and you may be charged the full amount for the service if you are more than 15 minutes late. Please text me at 503-706-8641 if you are running late.

    • PARKING:

      • Allow at least half an hour to find parking for longer services, especially if you have an SUV - or take transit or Lyft or similar service

        • Unfortunately, parking in the Pearl District is becoming more and more difficult to find, particularly because, due to all of the ongoing construction, construction workers' vehicles are taking up more and more spaces

        • Thus, I strongly recommend using Lyft or a similar service if at all possible.

        • Two streetcar lines (the A & NS northbound) run directly in front of Sola, stopping at 10th & Glisan, across the street; the B & NS southbound stop just one block away, on 11th & Glisan)

      • There is on-street 2-hour metered parking for shorter services like consultations and lash lift & tint

      • Longer term parking is unavailable at metered street locations, and you will not be able to leave during the service to feed the meter; you are best off parking in a lot or structure

        • Clients with SUVs may have difficulty parking in a surface lot, so look for a structure instead

        • To find parking near La Bellissima, please check here

  • Please read through my Policies section for other details​

services & pricing

Eyelash Services

A nonrefundable $25 deposit goes toward $100 for a 1 hour consult, billed in 15-min increments; 15 min = $25; 30 min = $50, and so on.

Unsure whether you even have lashes numerous and strong enough for Eyelash Extensions or even a Lash Lift & Tint service?  Then this consult is for you! In some cases, I will need to clean & prep your lashes in order to examine them and your lash line for suitability. YES, I CAN LASH ANYONE, but in certain cases, I may advise a client to embark upon a customized "lash rehab" program for at least one month before attempting lash services. Products you may need to purchase run from $30 (specialized antibacterial cleanser), $45 (serum-infused lash primer & mascara), $65 (lash serum) to $100 (combo lash & brow serum), plus supplements, tools, and other products available at any drugstore pr online. The nonrefundable $25 deposit is not applied toward any service or products. All service policies apply. Text 503-706-8641 to see if you really need this service. Many questions can be addressed via text for free! Free Zoom consults are also available.


The $50 nonrefundable deposit is applied toward the final cost of the service, with $175 + product costs due at your appt.

FOR CLIENTS WITH NO EXISTING EXTENSIONS: This service consists of a comprehensive consultation, client education, prep & lash design plus 2 to 2.5 hrs of lashing. This first set is on the lighter side. For fuller sets, schedule a Consultation and then, if appropriate, I will advise a Mega Volume Set. I hand-create volume fans for each of your lashes, choosing from a variety of diameters, lengths, and curls. Don't worry: I CAN LASH ANYONE, and the result will be fluffy, lighter-than-air lashes. Had a bad prior lash extension experience? You're in the right hands, as I'm a five-time certified, award-winning Master Russian Volume Lash Extension Artist. You'll be charged a nonrefundable $75 deposit upon booking. Cleansing products and serums are additional and are discussed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar). If you have existing extensions, please select the Transfer Lash Client service.


$2-$3.50 Per Lash Add-On

This service is an add-on to any other lash extension service, including fills. Add $2 for each additional colored single classic extension or $3.50 for each additional colored volume fan or *c*r*y*s*t*a*l*-ornamented lash. Perfect for holidays, special events, Pride, etc. Not all colors/types are available for all natural lash types, but I'll do what I can! Brown extensions are no additional cost, but also are not available for all natural lash typesBook this as an add-on to any lash extension service, incl. fills; final cost will be calculated at the time of the service. All service policies apply.

$2-$3.50 Per Lash

Up to 30 min removal & prep incl + $25 for ea add'l 15 min. The $50 nonrefundable deposit is applied toward the final cost of the service, with $300 + product costs due at your appt.

This service consists of a comprehensive consultation, client education, removal of old lashes (up to 30 min is included; $25/ea add'l 15 min if needed), prep & lash design plus 2 to 2.5 hrs of lashing. This first set is on the lighter side. For fuller sets, schedule an in-person Consultation and then, if appropriate, I will advise a Mega Volume Set. I hand-create volume fans for each of your lashes, choosing from a variety of diameters, lengths, and curls. Don't worry: I CAN LASH ANYONE, and the result will be fluffy, lighter-than-air lashes. Had a bad prior lash extension experience? You're in the right hands, as I'm a five-time certified, award-winning Master Russian Volume Lash Extension Artist. You'll be charged a nonrefundable $50 deposit upon booking. Cleansing products and serums are additional and are discussed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar.

$350+ (incl. 30 min removal)

Eyelash Consult required first. Then, a $75 nonrefundable deposit is applied toward the final cost of the service, with $275+ product costs due at your appt.

This service consists of a comprehensive client education, prep & lash design plus 4 to 4.5 hrs of lashing. It's a long service, so clients may choose to divide it into two consecutive days. This set is at maximum fullness, but not all clients have enough lashes for this service. Note: Mega lashes are, by design necessity, on the shorter side (think bushes versus trees).  An Eyelash Consultation is therefore required ahead of time. You'll be charged a nonrefundable $50 deposit upon booking. Cleansing products and serums are additional and are discussed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar).

$350+ and Consultation

A $50 nonrefundable deposit is applied toward the final cost of the service, with $300+ and product costs due at your appt.

This service consists of a comprehensive consultation, client education, prep & lash design plus 4 to 4.5 hrs of lashing. It's a long service, so clients may choose to divide it into two consecutive days. I hand-create volume fans consisting of a variety of lengths in each fan; I also intersperse longer fans or longer individual classics ("hybrids") with shorter fans for a very textured, dimensional look. I pioneered this technique well before more recent hybrids or other "Kim K" looks. You're in the right hands, as I'm a five-time certified, award-winning Master Russian Volume Lash Extension Artist. You'll be charged a nonrefundable $75 deposit upon booking. Cleansing products and serums are additional and are discussed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar).


15-20 min of prep + 70 min of lashing EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY. This service consists of checking your lash line for health & hygiene, removing outgrown extensions, priming, and then hand-creating new volume fans for any new mature lashes or healthy lashes from which I've removed outgrown extensions. Fills are required every 2 weeks and are booked in advance at your first session. Lash fill days are Tuesdays only. You must arrive squeaky clean, because if I need to shampoo your lashes before a fill, that extra time will reduce the number of new lashes you'll get at your fill.  You MUST have at least 50% of your extensions remaining; otherwise, you will need to book an extended service. All policies are detailed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar).


Nonrefundable $25 Deposit.Removal of eyelash extensions is $50 for the first half hour & $25 for each add'l 15 minutes.

Want those lashes removed for any reason? I'll use a safe acetone-based professional remover that will allow me to slide your extensions off with almost no effort or loss of your own lashes (sometimes your natural lash is ready to come out anyway). Please don't attempt removal on your own, because you may damage your eyelid or eye, and you'll definitely end up pulling out more of your natural lashes than if you had the removal done professionally. It's $50 for the first 30 min, plus $25/ea add'l 15 min. All service policies apply.


A nonrefundable $25 deposit is applied toward this service + any products recommended to improve/maintain lash health

This service uses Elleebana hair perm curling technology adapted for safe use on eyelashes, adding a Belmacil black tint to make your lashes appear longer. Lasts 6-8 weeks. Please arrive with no eye makeup on. If you'd like your brows shaped & tinted, as well, please select the Total Eye Makeover.  A $25 nonrefundable deposit is required, and all other service policies apply. Care products are additional and are discussed in the Intake & Aftercare forms (see Policies & Forms on the menu bar).


A nonrefundable $50 deposit applies toward the $165+ to $300+ service plus any lash + brow health/growth products recommended

A Total Eye Makeover involves both an eyebrow service and a Lash Lift & Tint.  Click here to learn about the the Lash Lift & Tint procedure.

Typically, I do the Lash Lift & Tint first because I may need to apply tape over your brow area. Once I've completed that, you have your choice of brow services, at different price points, all of which include a Lash Lift & Tint:

  • Regular Tint with Shaping (waxing & plucking).

    • I use Belmacil tints and can customize a variety of colors ($165)

  • Henna Tint with Shaping

    • Henna temporarily stains the skin, and the brow tint lasts longer ($200)

  • Brow Lamination without any tinting ($250)

  • Brow Lamination

    • with regular tint ($275)

    • with Henna ($300)

$165+ to $300+

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