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Booking & General Info

General Tattoo Q & A

In this section, I address mainly issues related to cosmetic tattoo in general, but some sections apply to every service. It is imperative that you read through the pages specifically dedicated to the services you're interested in, as specifics vary depending on what we do. This page is meant to offer some general guidance, but it is no substitute for reading through the procedures you're interested in, under the SERVICES item in the menu bar, above.

Q.   Does it hurt?

Everyone's pain threshold is different, so it's impossible to predict how you might respond. It's important to remember that cosmetic tattoo services, including microblading, are all forms of tattoo, so some discomfort should be expected. To help minimize the pain, I apply different anesthetics before and during your procedure. Please note that natural redheads are difficult to anesthetize, so please let me know ahead of time, since your appointment may take longer. Also, if you are on your period (or, for some women, ovulating) at the time of your appointment, you may be more sensitive. This is not cause for rescheduling; just let me know so I can serve you better. 

Q.   Who is a candidate for cosmetic tattoo?

 Most people are cosmetic tattoo candidates:

  • Men, women, and nonbinary individuals over 18 years of age

  • Anyone wanting to enhance or minimize certain facial features

  • People with alopecia (no or almost no brows)

  • Individuals who have lost their eyebrow hair through chemotherapy (you must be six months out from your last treatment)

  • Clients with prior cosmetic tattoos from other artists at least 6 months old

    • This would be considered a corrective procedure and priced differently​

  • Anyone not wanting to apply makeup 


Q.   Who isn't a candidate for cosmetic tattoo service?

 The following individuals cannot be tattooed:

  • Anyone under 18 years of age without a doctor's prescription - even with a parent's permission

  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs at the time of the procedure

  • Anyone with a compromised immune system, which includes individuals with HIV/AIDS, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Please confer with me on an individual basis.

  • Anyone prone to keloid scars (scars that tend to be thick and raised; more common in darker skin types)

  • Pregnant women (physician's permission required for nursing women)

  • Hemophiliacs 

  • Individuals using immunosuppresants

  • Anyone who has been off Accutane or any cancer treatment for less than 6 months

  • Epileptics, whether under control or not

  • Clients on blood thinners (okay in some instances with physician's permission)

  • Clients on steroids like prednisone (okay in some instances with physician's permission)

  • Clients with diabetes or thyroid problems may need more time to heal, may require more frequent touch-ups and may require a physician's release

  • Clients with active psoriasis or eczema, particularly on your face (physician's permission required)

  • Anyone with the following conditions are not candidates for microblading:

    • oily or very dry skin

    • red, itchy, bumpy, scaly skin

    • skin with large pores or deep wrinkles

  • See How to Book, below. FEEL FREE TO TEXT ME WITH QUESTIONS before booking: 503-706-8641. I can be reached via WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS


Please note: any client who has any of the above conditions and makes an appointment ​without consulting with me ahead of time will be charged the full service amount, even if I am unable to safely and carefully carry out the service.

 Q.   How do I take care of my tattoo?

You should read and print out the the aftercare instructions (see Policies & Forms) at least a week ahead of time; bring both your intake and your aftercare forms with you, and we will go over them during your appointment. You'll be given a printed copy to take home. It's critical that you follow the instructions provided at your appointment, because failure to do so can lead to premature fading or, worse, infection or scarring.

Q.   How will my tattoo look & feel immediately after the appointment? Can I resume normal activities right after?

Because the pigment has mixed with your blood and lymphatic fluid and exposed to oxygen, the effect will be quite dark and thick for the first couple of days, gradually fading over 3-4 weeks, with swelling decreasing over the next few days. The tattooed area should be considered a wound, so it will be tender for a day or two. The immediate look and feel doesn't interfere with returning to work or most activities (lips are best done with a few days to recover). However, you will be instructed to begin your aftercare shortly after your procedure and will need to clean your tattoo frequently during the first couple of days. In addition, it is imperative that you protect your new tattoo from the sun, so you'll need to wear a hat when you leave my studio; also, you must refrain from any activities that could make you sweat, including but not limited to exercise or exposure to heat. All of this is detailed in your aftercare instructions.

Q.   When should I schedule the touch-up session?

It's important to know that all cosmetic tattoo is a two-step process. There may be asymmetries or other problems that become apparent only after the first session. First, the client must wait for the swelling to subside, the work to fade from its initial intense color, and healing to complete. Only then can we determine what needs to be done to correct and finalize the look, and that is done at touch-up. We will schedule your touch-up at the end of your first session. You will return no sooner than 6 weeks and no later than 8 weeks. If later than 8 weeks, you'll need to schedule a Color Boost appointment.

Before Your Service


Read through this information as well as the aftercare instructions carefully so that you know when to schedule your treatment before or after various activities (parties and other events, vacations, anti-aging treatments, etc.). Failure to observe these requirements can make the appointment difficult (for instance, excess bleeding) or interfere with healing.


In general, for all cosmetic tattoo, you will need to limit exposure to UV rays (daylight and tanning beds), heat (so you don't sweat; this includes working out and being in a warm climate), and chlorine and salt water (e.g., pools and the ocean; you'll also need to avoid fresh water like rivers and lakes for up to two months).

You also will need to commit to frequent aftercare during the first 24 hours.

For these reasons, book your appointment accordingly, not immediately prior to a summer vacation,

exotic getaway, or special event; plan your tattoo session at least 3 months prior.

Morning of:

  • No caffeine, which includes not just coffee, but energy drinks like Red Bull, cola, and even certain root beers. In addition to making it difficult for you to fully relax, these can cause you to need to use the restroom frequently, which cuts into our service time and exposes you to nonsterile conditions.

  • NOTHING TO DRINK, except a small sip to take prescription meds. Beverages can cause you to need to use the restroom frequently, which cuts into our service time and exposes you to nonsterile conditions.

24 Hours Prior:


  • No working out or other activities that heat the body (this can cause your pores to expand; sweat brings salts to the surface, which interferes with pigments)

  • For eyebrow and eyeliner procedures, please do not wear any makeup above your cheekbones at the time of your appointments

  • For eyeliner procedures, do not use an eyelash curler 24 hours prior

  • For lip tattoo procedures, begin prescription medications (Acyclovir, Prednisone) as directed by your physician (see intake & aftercare forms for lips)

****Do not discontinue any medications without the approval of your physician****

48 Hours Prior

  • No alcohol. Alcohol is a blood thinner and can cause you to bleed & bruise more during the treatment; try to avoid for 48 hours prior - and definitely for 24 hours)

72 Hours Prior:

  • Please exfoliate the treatment area thoroughly but gently with a dry washcloth

Less than 72 Hours Prior:

  • For brow & lip tattoos, no waxing, tweezing, threading, sugaring, or tinting (so skin isn't irritated)

  • No exposure to sun (so skin isn't burned or even slightly tanned)

1 Week Prior:

  • No aspirin, ibuprofen, or Aleve (all blood thinners, which may cause you to bleed and bruise more during & after the procedure; Tylenol/acetominophen is okay)

  • No Vitamins A or E, niacin, or fish oil (all blood thinners, which may cause you to bleed and bruise more during & after the procedure)

  • No prescription blood thinners if authorized by your physician.

  • For eyeliner procedures, please have any eyelash extensions removed a week prior to your service


****Do not discontinue any medications without the approval of your physician****

Less than 1 Month Prior:

  • No chemical peels

  • No Retin-A

  • No dermaplaning or microneedling

  • No laser hair removal

  • No botox, fillers, or other injectables (3 months at least after lip filler before lip tattoo)

  • Remove eyelash extensions at least two weeks before an eyeliner or eyelash enhancement procedure

Less than 2-3 Months Prior (for Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo):

  • Do not perm or tint your eyelashes for 6-8 weeks before or after an eyeliner procedures

  • No eye or eyelid surgery, including cataract, Lasik, and blepharoplasty procedures

  • Please consult with your physician to ensure how long you should wait after a surgical procedure before eyeliner tattoo

Less than 3 (preferably 6-12) Months Prior (for Lip Tattoo)

  • No lip filler of any kind prior to a lip tattoo procedure less than 3 months prior, preferably longer; your lips would swell otherwise at least four-fold

At least 6 months before:

  • No chemotherapy or radiation treatment

  • No Accutane

For Your Appointment, You Will Need:

  • Your ID showing you are at least 18 years of age (required by law)

  • Your physician's name and phone number (required by law)

  • A hat to protect your tattoo from daylight or UV exposure

  • Sunglasses if you are having an Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo procedures

  • Eyeglasses instead of contacts for Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo procedures 

  • Intake form and aftercare instructions (see Policies & Forms on menu bar)

  • Please be prepared and on time!

    • Clients who are more than 15 minutes late or who have not satisfied the requirements on the Intake Form will need to reschedule and will need to pay all fees for both scheduled appointments

Please note that, by law,  no one may accompany you​ into the treatment room.


  1. Please text me by SMS or WhatsApp for an initial consult at 503-706-8641.

  2. Depending on your service, we will then schedule a 20-minute complimentary Zoom consultation

  3. All corrective work requires a $100 in-person one-hour consultation.

  4. Next, you must fill out the confidential medical intake form (see Policies & Forms) and, if I request them, send me three photos of your brows (see below)

    • Fill out the ​medical intake form for the service you are requesting.

      • If you have access to a smart phone or computer, please use the computer for the form that you can fill out online. Chrome & Firefox browsers work best.

      • If you do not have a computer or smart phone please fill out the printable version, take a clear photo of Pages 1-4 and send them to me in a text message via WhatsApp, Viber, or SMS to 503-706-8641. Clients without access to a computer, smart phone, or printer, will need to complete these steps at a Kinko's.

        • You can also email the form to me at, but please send me a text message to let me know you've done so. I do not check my email every day.

      • Include full details regarding any medical conditions and medication. For example, you might say "I was treated for breast cancer but it's been 6 months since I finished chemo. I am now taking Tamoxifen for hormone suppressant therapy."  I will ask you further questions if necessary. 

      • Also send me the following photos:

        • Please have someone take three well-focused photos of you in good lighting. Selfies generally do not provide enough detail. Here is what I need (see examples, below):

        • a photo of your face from the front

        • a photo of each brow from the side

        • make sure you have no makeup on 

        • the best time to take these photos is in the morning

          • first, wash your face, but apply no product whatsoever

          • wait about an hour before taking the photos

          • also, perform this skin-type test to determine if you have oily, dry, normal, or combination skin; include that info on the medical intake form where indicated.

        • I really want an accurate representation of your skin, including how large your pores or any wrinkles are, how oily or dry your skin is, your natural skin color (from very light to very dark), and your skin tone (cool, warm, neutral).  And, of course, I want to see your natural brows. If you have preexisting brow tattoo, that's fine. Be sure to tell me in case it isn't obvious from the photos. It's important to know that I can't tattoo over pre-existing tattoo in every case.

        • Send these to me in a text message via WhatsApp, Viber, or SMS to 503-706-8641 or email them to me at, but please send me a text to let me know you've done so, since I don't check my email every day.

  • The client's cell phone number is required to book

    • Please ensure​ the number provided belongs to the client and not a friend or family member, as I must communicate with the client directly. If language is an issue, please let me know; my Spanish is adequate to interact via text in that language. 

    • All client interactions are done via text, including preappointment communications and treatment follow-up

    • Clients are asked to confirm their appointment by clicking on a link provided in a text message 48 hours in advance. This text comes from a "short code" number, such as 89985.

      • Clients not confirming within 48 hours may have their appointment cancelled  and will forfeit the nonrefundable deposit.

  • A credit card is required to book

  • A nonrefundable deposit will be charged against your card upon acceptance of your appointment request; you will be charged the balance at your appointment. The deposit amount ranges from $25 to $150, depending on the service selected

  • Please read the Before Your Service information to ensure a safe service 

  • Print and fill out the intake form and the aftercare instructions and bring both with you to the appointment

  • Please Note:

    • 48 hours' notice is required for cancellation or changing your appointment time. Your deposit is nonrefundable even if you cancel or change your time 48 hours or more in advance, for any reason.

    • Clients cancelling or changing their appointment time fewer than 48 hours in advance, or not showing up will be charged the full amount of the service. This is because when you book an appointment, that time slot is unavailable to other potential clients; I am holding it just for you :-)

  • Be prepared!​

    • In order to conduct the treatment in a safe and effective manner, it's critical that you are adequately prepared for your appointment.​

      • Please print, read, and fill out the intake form and aftercare instructions (see Policies & Forms)

      • Clients who are not adequately prepared or who have not followed the instructions found in the Before Your Service forfeit their deposit and may have their appointment cancelled and may be charged the full amount of the service


    • In order to measure and design your new look, apply anesthetic, and go over necessary forms, I need the full time allotted (up to 4.5+ hours, depending on the situation) for the appointment, so it's important that you arrive on time

    • Your appointment may be cancelled and you may be charged the full amount for the service if you are more than 15 minutes late. Please text me at 503-706-8641 if you are running late.

    • PARKING:

      • Allow at least half an hour to find parking for longer services, especially if you have an SUV - or take transit or Lyft or similar service

        • Unfortunately, parking in the Pearl District is becoming more and more difficult to find, particularly because, due to all of the ongoing construction, construction workers' vehicles are taking up more and more spaces

        • Thus, I strongly recommend using Lyft or a similar service if at all possible.

        • Two streetcar lines (the A & NS northbound) run directly in front of Sola, stopping at 10th & Glisan, across the street; the B & NS southbound stop just one block away, on 11th & Glisan)

      • There is on-street 2-hour metered parking for shorter services like consultations and lash lift & tint

      • Longer term parking is unavailable at metered street locations, and you will not be able to leave during the service to feed the meter; you are best off parking in a lot or structure

        • Clients with SUVs may have difficulty parking in a surface lot, so look for a structure instead

        • To find parking near La Bellissima, please check here

  • Please read through my Policies section for other details​

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